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Health: 8. Sanity: 6.

Po tym, jak odkryjesz 1 lub więcej żetonów wskazówek w lokalizacji, w której znajduje się wróg: odkryj 1 dodatkowy żeton wskazówki w danej lokalizacji albo automatycznie wymknij się danemu wrogowi. (Limit raz na rundę).

Efekt : +2. Jeśli ten test to badanie, możesz wybrać dowolną odkrytą lokalizację; wykonujesz to badanie tak, jakbyś zamiast tego znajdował się w danej lokalizacji.

Magali Villeneuve
Zmowa nad Innsmouth #3.

Latest Taboo

This card’s ability now reads: “After you discover 1 or more clues at a location with an enemy: Either discover 1 additional clue at that location, or automatically evade that enemy if it is non-Elite. (Limit once per round.)

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Rozmiar talii: 30.

Opcje tworzenia talii: karty Łotra () o poziomie 0-5, karty neutralne o poziomie 0-5, karty Poszukiwacza () o poziomie 0-2.

Wymogi tworzenia talii (nie wliczane do wielkości talii): Pośród cieni, Nieustępliwi śledczy, 1 losowe podstawowe osłabienie.

Trish zawsze wyróżniała się zarówno sprawnością fizyczną, jak i mądrością, a jej niezachwiane skupienie na samodoskonaleniu i nieustraszona postawa gwarantowały jej zwycięstwo. Biorąc pod uwagę jej znakomite wyniki w nauce i sporcie, wszyscy oczekiwali, że osiągnie w życiu naprawdę wiele. Jednak zamiast tego Trish podjęła pracę w firmie specjalizującej się w prawie handlowym. Początkowy szok wynikający z podjęcia przez nią tak skromnej pracy w końcu minął, a wyjątkowa Trish Scarborough popadła w zapomnienie. Dla Trish była to idealna sytuacja, ponieważ utrudniała innym odkrycie prawdy: jej praca była jedynie przykrywką dla prawdziwej kariery jako szpiega w Czarnej Komorze, agencji Biura łamiącej tajne szyfry.
Trish Scarborough
Trish Scarborough


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I have several questions about Concealed today, gathered from several people who have encountered confusion while playing The Scarlet Keys. 1) To what extent are effects on cards replaced by exposing a concealed mini-card (henceforth referred to as just "exposure" or "exposing")? For example, if I use Breaking and Entering to discover a clue and automatically evade an enemy, can a discover a clue and use the automatic evade to expose? Or automatically evade an actual enemy that happens to be engaged with me, and replace the clue discovery with exposure? The rules state that "all effects" of the ability that performs exposure are replaced by exposure, but the examples only seem to show instances where individual effects are replaced, not multiple effects. 2) Similarly, if I investigate with Thieves' Kit to expose, is the resource I gain from a successful investigation also replaced by exposure? 3) The rules state that an effect that deals 3 damage to every enemy at a location cannot do multiple exposures; only one mini-card can be exposed by any ability. However, can such an effect still deal damage to enemies at the location, as well as exposing a mini-card? 4) Suppose Trish Scarborough is at a location with solely a concealed mini-card. After she discovers 1 or more clues, can she trigger her ability, and use the automatic evasion that results to expose? Can she use the "discover 1 additional clue" option to expose? The straightforward answer would appear to be "no", since she is not at a location with an enemy, but it's slightly ambiguous because automatic evasion can be performed on mini-cards as if they were engaged enemies, so that might let her ability trigger. 5) Suppose Trish is at a location where she is engaged with an enemy, and there is also a concealed mini-card at that location. Now that there is an enemy, her ability can definitely trigger no matter what (and if there was a clue there, she could definitely replace the clue discovery option with an exposure). However, if there were no clues at the location, could she use the automatic evasion option of her ability to expose? Or can the automatic evasion only target "that enemy" (i.e. the actual enemy engaged with her). A: To answer your question(s):
    • 1) A single effect that qualifies as “attacking, evading, or successfully investigating” would be replaced with the exposing of a concealed card. Another way to think of it is that an instance of damage, evasion, or clue discovering gets replaced. That in mind:
    • a) For Breaking and Entering, you can replace either the successful investigation attempt (clue-gathering) OR the auto-evade with the exposing of the concealed mini-card, since these are two separate effects.
    • With Thieves' Kit, you may replace the clues you would gather on a success with the exposing of the revealed card, and you’d still get 1 resource since that’s a separate effect.
    • An effect that deals damage to “each enemy” at a location would have its entire damage effect replaced with the exposing of the concealed card.
    • If Trish is at a location with only a concealed card, she is not considered to be at a location with an enemy, so her reaction ability cannot trigger or be replaced with an expose.
    • If there are no clues at her location, Trish cannot trigger her reaction ability. Additionally, because the concealed mini-card is not an enemy at that time, she cannot evade “that enemy.”
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Trish Scarborough is a green/yellow investigator and is equally good at both. Her ability is the best evasion ability in the game. No other character can exhaust an elder God with two bucks and zero actions by working a hunch. (She also gets a clue.)

And when she gets a few XP, money and clues pour from the sky. Lockpicks and Gregory means you’re starting at a +8 to get clues. If you have Lola Santiago too, you start at a +10. Plus, Lola’s fast ability means that if you have resources equal to the shroud location of where you are, You don’t have to worry about enemies spawning on you during the encounter phase. Your guardians will love you.

Her signature weakness is something your allies can deal with, or you can just see it as a two health speedbump. If you have Obfuscation, for two bucks and zero actions you can avoid even that consequence.

And if you want to play guardian angel, you can use “In the know” to leave enemies tapped all across the map.

Two willpower won’t get you far. Hopefully other people are there to deal with such petty trivialities as the encounter deck. If not, do yourself a favor and grab Quick Study. It’s always nice to have a few clues scattered around, anyway.

MrGoldbee · 1413
From what I understand about AoO timing, though, wouldn't the automatic evasion almost always be preceded by an attack of opportunity? Since investigating would trigger the attack before any clues are actually discovered. — TheDoc37 · 466
Having said that, I can see many different niche scenarios where you can either remotely investigate, investigate while someone ELSE is engaged with the enemy, or discover clues without an action. My friend plans on playing her for our next campaign, so we'll just have to see how many times these niche cases occur.... — TheDoc37 · 466
She is in my oppinion a made match for Stealth especially the xp version. It allows you a free disengage, leaves you free to investigate and disable the enemy after the fact. She obviously also works well with any free investigate or auto-collect trigger.. — Skeith · 2303
Question regarding her ability: If I am in a room with an enemy that is engaged with another investigator, can I use her ability to exhaust that enemy even if it is not engaged to her or am I left with only the "discover 1 additional clue at that location" part of her ability? — Big_Daddy_Rod · 1
That's the same question I came here for. I'll try to answer myself: the effect only asks that the enemy must be in your location. It doesn't require it to be engaged with you. So you can evade it (that is, exhaust it and disengage it from the engaged investigator, if any) even if it's not engaged with you. — Vittek · 1
Are you sure of this Vittek? I would think this would be not be legit rules-wise as quote "Unlike the fight and engage action, an investigator can only perform an evade action against an enemy engaged with him or her." I know this is an "automatic" evade, but I think it doesn't change this general rule for evading. — TomLady · 10
But yes, collecting an extra clue instead if there's another investigator currently engaged with an enemy would certainly work. — TomLady · 10
Regarding evading enemies engaged with another investigator: Yes, that works, at least per the ruling for Stray Cat. — itsthewoo · 1
But please see #decoy. It says that: "Automatically evade a non-Elite enemy at your location." So is it ok for me to evade an enemy which is already engaged with another investigator but in the same place with me? — aluminum · 1
Decoy's wording is the exact same as Stray Cat, so yes the same idea applies: you exhaust the enemy and break its engagement without a skill test. — TheDoc37 · 466

Ask your friendly neighborhood guardian to leave a Handcuffed enemy for you, so trish can engage it and use her ability all day.

You could help them find it with Eureka!, No Stone Unturned, the new Scrolls of Secrets....

Django · 4963
Nathaniel/Yorick may be the best partner because they have signature humanoid enemy. — elkeinkrad · 473
But you don’t want Graveyard Ghouls engaged with you. Chonkers O’Banion is fine tho. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
just FYI Trish can only add seeker cards up to level 2 so no "No Stone Unturned" — wardentim · 1

Rulings from Alex Werner, FFG Game Rules Specialist via the official rules question form:

Question: Let’s say that Trish Scarborough is at a location with another investigator and there is an enemy engaged with that other investigator. If Trish discovers a clue at the location and uses her special ability, can she “automatically evade” the enemy engaged with the other investigator? If so, what exactly happens - is the engagement broken and the enemy exhausted?

Answer: Yes, Trish Scarborough can use her ability to “automatically evade” an enemy engaged with another investigator. Once she does so, that enemy will exhaust and break its engagement with the other investigator.

Question: Let’s say that Trish Scarborough uses Damning Testimony to discover a clue at the location of an enemy and then uses her special ability. Can she “automatically evade” the enemy even if it is not engaged with any investigator? If so, is there any effect other than exhausting the enemy?

Answer: Yes; it’s possible to automatically evade an enemy that isn’t at your location. That enemy will exhaust, even if it’s not engaged with another investigator. And while nothing additional will happen with Trish and the Damning Testimony, Trish could trigger an effect that required her to evade an enemy, like Pickpocketing. (Note, she can only trigger effects that don’t require a “successful” evade).

GeneralXy · 37