Akt. Stage 2

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From the relative safety of the fabulous city of Ilek-Vad, you may cross into the hellish and bizarre landscape of the Forbidden Lands. East of this barren and blasted landscape lie the lands which have been ravaged by the hordes of Night.

Objective - Find and uncover as many Signs of the Gods in this region as you can. At the end of the round, if each investigator is at the same Port location, you may move to another region by advancing this act.

Objective - If the investigators have uncovered 10 Signs of the Gods, proceed to (→R1).

Julian Kok
Poszukiwania Kadath #125. Poszukiwania Kadath #7.

Where to? - Back

You finally return to your ship, ready to leave this accursed land behind. "Let's not tarry in this godsforsaken place any longer," the captain says, barking orders to his crew. "Ilek-Vad may be a jewel, but the lands beyond are frought with danger. Pick a heading. Any heading. Just so long as it is far away from here."

Search the encounter deck, discard pile, and all play areas for the Horde of Night and Stalking Manticore enemies and remove each of them from the game.

Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.

The investigators must decide (choose one). You cannot choose a place you have already visited. If you have already visited each of the listed areas, proceed to (→R1).

- Visit the isle of Oriab to the south. Resolve Oriab Setup in the Campaign Guide.

- Visit the ancient land of Mnar to the west. Resolve Mnar Setup in the Campaign Guide.

- Visit the kingdom of the Timeless Realm to the east. Resolve Timeless Realm Setup in the Campaign Guide.

Seek Out the Night
Seek Out the Night


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