Tajemnica. Stage 2

Doom: 9. Clues: –
Perhaps seeking Kadath is an accursed venture after all. Even so, curiosity gnaws at your mind. What proof could the resting place of the gods hold for you?

If you are at a Port location: Resign. Venturing into the unknown has become too dangerous, so you return to safety with the information you've gathered.

Jesse Mead
Poszukiwania Kadath #121. Poszukiwania Kadath #3.

Captured! - Back

You have evaded the Corsairs for weeks since their pursuit began. Each time they appear, you are able to slip through their grasp, but the noose grows tighter and tighter with each escape. Even so, you persist in the hope you can find Kadath before your luck runs out.
However, even with all of the information you have uncovered, Kadath eludes you still, and the Corsairs are hot on your trail. You try to make your way to safety, but you have underestimated the lengths these creatures will go to in order to capture you. They have cut off all of your escape routes and have taken away all of your safe havens. There is nowhere left for you to run. Like pack hunters, they surround you...

Each surviving investigator is defeated.

Agents of the Outer Gods
Agents of the Outer Gods


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