Cost: –.

Trwała. Tylko talia Tony'ego Morgana. Zużywalny (6 nagród).

: Po tym, jak dowolny wróg wejdzie do gry: porusz 1-3 nagród z Wyznaczonych nagród na danego wroga, do maksymalnej wartości wytrzymałości danego wroga.

Wymuszony - Po tym, jak pokonasz dowolnego wroga, na którym znajduje się 1 lub więcej nagród: porusz znajdujące się na nim nagrody do twojej puli żetonów jako żetony zasobów.

Matt Bradbury
Pożeracze snów #10.
Wyznaczone nagrody
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can the reactions on cards that start the game in play be triggered during scenario setup? Specifically, during Step 10 of Setting Up The Game, when enemies or treacheries may be put in play? Two example cards: 1) Can Bounty Contracts put bounties on enemies put out as part of scenario setup - are permanents in play at this point? 2) Can Darrell's Kodak be triggered during scenario setup to put evidence on enemies or treacheries - are cards that "begin the game in play" in play at this point? A: No to both; unless explicitly stated, you can’t resolve abilities before the game starts. Neither Bounty Contracts nor Darrell’s Kodak is able to affect the game during Setup. (One card that can, though: Sefina Rousseau with her Forced ability.)
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After my first scenario playing as Tony, I've learned something important about this card:

The resources aren't relevant; the actions are.

To put it more plainly, this asset works best if it gives you six (or more) free fight actions over the course of a scenario. In a vacuum we generally equate a resource as being worth an action, which would imply that you want to place as many bounties as possible on one enemy to convert one fight action into several resource actions. However, when an enemy is engaged with you (or even just at your location), a fight action is worth a lot more than a resource action, so the ability to place bounties is more important than placing more than one bounty.

In conclusion, I recommend putting as few bounties on enemies as possible. You're using this for free fight actions, not free resource actions.

SGPrometheus · 723
It’s not an A or B strategy imo. I have several campaigns with Tony under my belt now and I can say that while primarily you want to extend your bounties (by placing 1s often) there is merit to placing 2 or 3 sometimes. Notably your Long Colts get much larger combat boosts with more contracts, and they refund a bounty on kill. The resources early can also be relevant in the first several scenarios of the campaign. — StyxTBeuford · 12879
Getting Asset fast improve your Action efficiency too. — AquaDrehz · 191