Akt. Stage 1

Clues: 2.
The Lodge is up to something - you’re sure of it. You’re not sure exactly what their plans entail, but your suspicions have proven correct so far. You have decided to sneak into the Lodge’s manor in French Hill to learn what they are plotting.

After you evade an enemy: Remove all doom from it.

A.M. Sartor
Dla większego dobra #201. Dla większego dobra #5.

The Indoctrination - Back

At first, your investigation yields few answers. There is indeed a meeting of some sort happening at the manor tonight, though you're not sure why. Finally, you catch a break. On a nearby table, a written summons explains the reason for tonight's gathering:
"Our timetable has moved forward. We must complete the trap by midnight tonight. The device we found will aid us in binding the revenant, so it is imperative that we find a way to open it before the ceremony begins. We have no time to waste with prudence or cowardice. Report to Nathan Wick in the sanctum at once."
You are left with more questions than answers.

If the Inner Sanctum is not in play, put it into play.

Spawn the set-aside Nathan Wick enemy in the Inner Sanctum, (Master of Indoctrination) side faceup. Attach the set-aside Puzzle Box story asset to him.

For the remainder of the game, the current act gains " After you evade an enemy: Remove all doom from it." Place this card next to the act deck as a reminder, then advance to act 2a.

Infiltrating the Lodge
Infiltrating the Lodge


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