Revelation - Put Evil Past into play in your threat area if there is no copy of it in your threat area (if there is, discard Evil Past and it gains surge instead).

Forced - When the encounter deck runs out of cards: Take 2 horror and test (3). If you succeed, discard Evil Past.

Stephen Somers
Przerwany Krąg #98. Miasto Grzechu #1-2.
Evil Past

I had this in play and drew the last card of the encounter deck, which was also Evil Past.

I resolved it this way: Forced Effect of the Evil Past in play triggers first, I take the horror and make the test and passed it, discarding Evil Past. Then I shuffled the discaed pile back into the encounter deck and afterwards the second Evil Past resolves and enters my threat area.

Please let me know if that is correct.

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As I know, that's correct. — elkeinkrad · 195