Tajemnica. Stage 4
Doom: 4. Clues: –
The caverns are no longer quiet. The angry cries and rattling of serpent creatures is all around you now, urging you onward. The cavern’s unnatural red glow becomes more intense. In this red light, the cities of Yoth take on another guise - no longer a source of hidden knowledge, but a place of animosity that resents your mere presence.
Helge C. Balzer
Czeluście Yoth #281. Czeluście Yoth #5.
City of Blood

The Sleeper's Pursuit - Back

The shrill noise of hundreds of snake rattles suddenly erupts throughout the cavern. You have crossed into territory that humanity was never meant to enter. The earsplitting alarm pierces your eardrums and causes your ears to bleed. Your senses are overwhelmed, and you cover your ears in vain. You cannot hear your own thoughts. Finally the warning ends, and you are left with the uncontrollable urge to flee. However, you know that if you fled now, your actions would endanger all of humanity. Bravely - or perhaps foolishly - you press onward.

If the Harbinger of Valusia is set aside, move it to the pursuit area.

Find the enemy that is in pursuit with the highest evade value, and spawn it at the location where the investigators began at this depth level.

City of Blood

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