Tajemnica. Stage 2
Doom: 3. Clues: –
Hisses begin to emanate from the tunnels all around you. Snake eyes glare at you from the dark as you attempt to avoid encountering the creatures that remain in this realm. You weave in and out of narrow tunnels and hide behind broken‑down walls and crumbling pillars.
Helge C. Balzer
Czeluście Yoth #279. Czeluście Yoth #3.
Horrific Descent

Fountain of Venom - Back

You pass through a cracked earthen clearing that once might have been a plaza. Standing half-collapsed in the center of the plaza are the remains of a stone fountain, dry as a bone. At the very bottom of the fountain's basin is a glob of black syrupy ooze.

Find the enemy that is in pursuit with the highest evade value, and spawn it at the location where the investigators began at this depth level.

Check your supplies. If an investigator has a canteen, that investigator must decide:

- This could be useful. Remember that you have "collected a strange liquid."

- I'm not going anywhere near that.You suffer no ill effects.

Horrific Descent

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