Akt. Stage 1
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At the end of the long tunnel next to you, the Stranger steps through the darkness, his pale mask glinting in the candlelight. “Wait!” you call out. He glances your way before vanishing into the shadows. Once more, you are forced to track him down to find answers...

Objective - Find The Man in the Pallid Mask. He is somewhere in the Catacombs.

Stéphane Gantiez
Blada Maska #243. Blada Maska #4.
Through the Catacombs

The Stranger's Shadow - Back

Rows of skulls chatter their teeth endlessly as you pass through a narrow stone archway, into a round chamber illuminated by firelight. In the center of the tomb stands the Stranger, peering into the blaze. Across the wall, shadows dance and twist with the flickering of the flame. The Stranger turns to face you, and his own shadow spreads across the wall. Where his shadow's arms should be, tentacle shapes emerge, enveloping the walls in darkness. He lifts his hands toward the wall, as if trying to show you something.

Spawn the set-aside The Man in the Pallid Mask weakness in the Tomb of Shadows .

Check the Campaign Log. If Ishimaru Haruko is not listed under "VIPs Slain," search the collection for Ishimaru Haruko and spawn her at the starting location.

Through the Catacombs

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