Straszliwy Łowca
Pomiot z otchłani


Potwór. Elitarny.

Fight: 2. Health: 3. Evade: 2.
Damage: 1. Horror: 1.

Łowca. Mściwy.

Wymuszony - Początek fazy wrogów: odkryj losowy żeton z worka chaosu. Jeśli na odkrytym żetonie znajduje się symbol , , , , lub , przygotuj Straszliwego Łowcę.

Wymuszony - Kiedy Straszliwy Łowca opuszcza grę, umieść go w pustce.

Chun Lo
Muzeum Miskatonic #141. Muzeum Miskatonic #24.
Straszliwy Łowca
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • When Hunting Horror leaves play and is placed in the void, any doom or damage on it is removed. Shadow-spawned stays attached to it, and any resources on Shadow-spawned are not removed.

  • Q: Who resolves the first Forced effect on Hunting Horror? Do you just pick a player? Does no player do it? A: Generally speaking, whenever it is unclear who is resolving an ability, the investigators may choose who is resolving it. In the event that the investigators cannot decide, the lead investigator must resolve it. In the event that it’s unclear who exactly advanced the act, simply decide at that moment in time amongst the investigators. [Ruling taken from ruling on Templo Mayor]

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FAQ. When Hunting Horror leaves play, it loses doom tokens on it. But attached Shadow-spawned doesn't lose resource tokens. Forced ability on Agenda 1a/2a does not trigger when Hunting Horror enters play by Agenda 1b.

temka · 3
Where is this FAQ from? — Amoon · 2
Why would doom and recourse tokens behave differently? — Amoon · 2
I found two discussions in the net regarding this topic, here are the links: — Synisill · 781 and . I will cite one conclusion which puts it well together: Yes, doom is removed from the Hunting Horror when it leaves play. Anything specifically on the Hunting Horror (other than Shadow-spawned) will be removed when it leaves play, but anything specifically on Shadow-spawned will not be removed. — Synisill · 781
When advancing the Agenda from 1a to 1b, what precisely happens if the Hunting Horror is currently NOT in play (e.g. still in the encounter deck)? According to the source, FFG answered: So, while you are resolving the “b” side of the agenda, the next “a” side is not active. That means the Forced effect that would place 1 resource on Shadow-spawned would not be in play just yet and would not trigger. — Synisill · 781
Fwiw the Return To adds a stipulation that 2A is in effect whole resolving 1B (same for 3A and 2B). So they seemingly patched this in the Return to. — thereelaristotle · 15

An elite monster that can gain massive and readies itself is threatening. It’s why it’s the only monster in the module it’s in. (Bad news for guardians who like fighting a lot of people... hope your party has stubborn detectives, creatures from the crystallizer and the like to keep you busy.) but a few investigators make quick work of this beast…The first one Is Jaqueline, who can pull multiple tokens. Another is Trish, who can use a fast or ~ ability to get clues and evade the monster in 0 actions. That means the deadliest thing in this module is probably getting a infinite hallway in the main corridor, running through your deck and taking 10 damage. Make sure to Delay the Inevitable or Defy Reality.

MrGoldbee · 1370
One fun strategy is to have a designated evader stay with the Hunting Horror and just keep evading it while your cluegetters finish the scenario without distractions. Your evader will need to be a little tanky since they will get attacked occasionally. — The Lynx · 928
Or just use Pendant of the Queen during the free trigger in the enemy phase because they forgot to make it not effect Elite enemies. — Death by Chocolate · 1326